September 10th – 11th 2012

Monday 9/10 at 11:11am I was born! Everyone was happy and I was glad to finally be here. I had a wonderful first day, with visits from all my Grandparents, and my Aunt Rachel who had been there the whole time. It was a great first night too, sleeping in my crib next to mommy and daddy.

The next morning a nice nurse came to listen to my heart, and called in a pediatrician to listen too. Dr. Levine said he heard something weird, a murmur, and just to be on the safe side he wanted me to have an Echocardiogram to look more closely at my heart.

The Echo showed the doctors that my heart had a defect in it and I was quickly rushed away to Children’s Hospital and placed in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU). It was so soon after I was born, that mommy had to spend the night at the first hospital while she recovered from giving birth to me, and only daddy could come and stay with me in the CICU.