Saturday 10/20

A few days at the new facility have brought a lot of changes in Judah’s day to day schedule. The Hospital was a lot of monitoring, watching his vitals and just giving medications, here at the Institute Judah has a rigorous schedule of therapy and eating.

Since coming to the Children’s Institute, Judah has been working with a team of speech, physical, and occupational therapists. The primary focus for J while he is here, is to start eating again from the bottle. From our first day here, the therapist team has been working with him 3 times a day, 6 days a week, to begin his feedings from the bottle and slowly work his volume up. Whatever he doesn’t take from the bottle we give to him through the feeding tube, but every day he takes a little more from the bottle. His first feeding of the day is usually his best, where he will take about half of his food through the bottle! Feeding is hard work for him though, so as the day goes on he gets more and more worn out, and eats less and less from the bottle. But eating anything from the bottle is already a huge step up for him. As time goes on, he will take more and more from the bottle, and have less need for the feeding tube.

Another big milestone for Judah was hit yesterday, when Mommy and Daddy got to take him outside for the first time! The nurses brought us a portable oxygen tank, and we brought our stroller from home, and took him out to one of the gardens here on the Institute grounds. He loved looking around, and being walked up and down the halls, and meeting all the nurses and receptionists. It is now part of our routine to take him for walks every day that we can. A huge step up from being so strapped down and tethered to so many monitors at the Hospital. He even has the most adorable hoodie for when he goes outside, in addition of course to all of his blankets.

The continued outpouring of support for all three of us has been incredible and amazing, and has truly given us a very needed amount of strength. We would like to thank each and every one of you, and a special thanks and note to Susan Richman, who has let us know of something happening at Temple Rodef Shalom next weekend, October 27th. There is a special Shabbat morning service being planned for Saturday 10/27 at 10:30am, with the whole focus to provide blessings to our family, and so we can share Judah’s story, strength, and for the congregation to have an opportunity to uplift us with blessing and prayer. Mommy will be sharing pictures of Judah and his/our story, and we would also like to turn the focus towards hope for all, including other families in unimaginable situations and the people who work to save sick kids. It would be an amazing way to show appreciation for the doctors and specialists who do such amazing work, and for other kids and families experiencing their own difficult paths. This gesture means so much to us, and anyone who would like to attend can. Mommy will be there while Daddy stays to take care of Judah.

We look forward to a week ahead of more therapies, and even more progress for Judah, including lots more walks, and trips outside (weather permitting).

Our love to all of you,