Saturday 10/13

There is not too much news to report these days, recovery is a marathon, and the checkpoints are becoming fewer and farther between as we continue along at our current pace. We love all of the support you – our faithful followers, have given and continue to give us, but since news is slowing down at this point, updates may come just every couple of days, unless something major happens that everyone should know about.

Today was another uneventful medical day, and since very little happens on the weekend, Gramma Luba and Grampa Mark gave mommy and daddy one of the best anniversary gifts they possibly could. They came to the hospital today to spend the afternoon and babysit, so mommy and daddy could get out for a few hours and have some time to themselves. We haven’t really gotten much time to see each other since this experience began almost 5 weeks ago, as one of us always stays at the hospital while the other parent goes home to rest. The Grandparents came to relieve us for a few hours so we could take a drive, clear our heads, and just be together. We took a lovely scenic drive into the mountains up to Seven Springs to walk around and see the leaves changing color. It has become one of the favorite family traditions for mommy and daddy, and we go up every year right around our anniversary during the peak Fall Foliage season. We had a lovely afternoon walking around, taking in the beauty, and just enjoying being together for once.

Although staying at the hospital is very rewarding for us, and is the only way we can spend any significant time with baby J, it is also not easy to be there all the time, and even harder to actually sleep at the hospital. We also need to be there to learn about all of his medications, how and when to give them, what they do and how long he will need to be on them. Parents are the only visitors allowed to stay after visiting hours or spend the night, and Judah still needs us to be around all the time, especially now that he is out of the Intensive Care Unit and a nurse only comes in to check on him every few hours. He needs to be around us almost as much as we want and need to be around him all the time.

We continue to take this experience in stride, and of course could not do it without all of your love, strength, and support. If you do not see an update for a day or two, just know that Judah’s recovery is on track and continuing, and as soon as we have any information to report or update, we will post it here to keep everyone as up to date as possible.

All our love,