Monday 9/15 – Cooler Weather and Turning Two!

Summer started off with a few rounds of sickness for Judah, but as the summer hit its stride and came to a close, Judah has been healthy and happy. With lots of playtime outside, at the park, and various outings and trips around town and beyond, Judah’s 2nd summer was a lot of fun for all of us. The last few weeks have even included another trip up to Gramma and Grampa Jones’ house, the annual Heart-to-Heart picnic, and Judah turning 2 years old!

August and September have brought us trips to many parks around the area, increased outings to restaurants and the city, and another great time up at Gramma and Grampa’s awesome cabin in the forest where Judah showed off his tricks and even got his first set of overalls!

We had been looking forward to the annual Heart-to-Heart picnic sponsored by the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital Heart Institute at the Turner Family farm since we attended last year, and this year was even more fun. Judah got to run and play, and even sit in a firetruck!



And just in the last few days we got to celebrate Judah’s big 2nd birthday! Although this year we didn’t do anything nearly as big as his 1st birthday party, we did get to celebrate with some great family and friends, and truly appreciate everyone that made it out, sent their love, thoughts, and birthday wishes, and the incredible gifts, cards, and donations made in Judah’s honor. J-N-J are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

photo by jdx

In the last several weeks Judah has been to the hospital a few times, but these thankfully were all scheduled appointments and procedures. His Cardiologist got a look at his lung perfusion with a VQ Scan, showing some change in results from the last scan many months ago, but not enough of a change to cause concern. His ENT team got a good look in his trachea with a scope, and saw some minor irritation and swelling but overall a clean and well healing airway several months now past his reconstructive surgery in May. Some new meds started to help with the swelling, and we have begun trying to use the speaking valve again with Judah to continue working on getting strong enough to cap the trach and eventually decannulate or remove the trach completely.

Judah is growing strong and active, and shooting up in height and ability. He continues to have fun with other kids at daycare at Child’s Way at the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, as well as learning so many new words and signs that even we are struggling to keep up with his development. He has so much to say and knows exactly what he wants and what he does not want. This summer has brought more opportunities to get out and run in the grass, to grow and be strong, and Judah is ready to show the world what he’s got now that he’s 2.


all our love


4 thoughts on “Monday 9/15 – Cooler Weather and Turning Two!

  1. The many adventures of this past year and now turning two. This will be the year Judah will test his independence. How far can I go before mom or dad say that word “NO”. Judah, have a magical year being two. Thank you for the many updates and pictures. Makes for those of us a distant away closer. Love to you all.

  2. Such a joy to see all the pictures and enjoy Judah’s amazing smile. Looking forward to be invited to judah’s 3rd b-day and many many more there after. Love.

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