Monday 6/16 – totally a toddler

Gorgeous weather in spring and summer have led to lots of outings, lots of playtimes, and Judah exercising his happy little toddler self all over the place. Judah has gotten to visit several playgrounds, experience running in the grass, and made lots of steps forward (as well as girlfriends) at his new favorite place, the Children’s Museum. In the month and a half since Judah’s LTR reconstructive surgery, he continues to heal very well, and several scopes and additional procedures have given us a good look into his newly constructed airway. 

Judah’s current absolute favorite thing to do is drive, whether it is in his stroller around the block or out to fun places in the big car. Lately he has gotten to go to lots of playgrounds and parks, the Arts Festival, and of course, the Children’s Museum. The Children’s Museum gives him the opportunity to interact with lots of other kids, toys, textures, environments and experiences. Judah loves it so much, even as he gets in the elevator you can see he recognizes where he is and is excited and wants to play.

Our spring and summer of procedures and hospital visits continues on, as Judah and his doctors keep working on his airway, in hopes for an eventual trach removal (decannulation). Two big follow-ups since surgery have shown that he is healing well, and the body is taking to the graft in his trachea, but there is still some swelling and tissue (granulation) that is not allowing Judah to easily pass air through his mouth and nose. For now we continue to work, practice breathing exercises, and follow up with our incredible doctors and therapists.

Judah continues to push forward, as well as push his limits as he is quickly approaching his “terrible twos”. He grows cuter and smarter each day – we are losing count of how many sign language words he knows (30+), and it is truly evident that he understands what is being said to him and communicates back. Every minute of play with him is an adorable delight.




8 thoughts on “Monday 6/16 – totally a toddler

  1. Totally adorable Judah continues to get cutter and grow and learn and heal. Kudos to you both for raising a very abled little boy.

  2. Aw!!! This posting made my day ;-). So grateful he’s been able to get out so much so quickly — and explore that wonderful Children’s Museum!! Hugs to all ;-). So proud of this little fellow– and so grateful he has *you* two for parents 😉

  3. Love the sunglasses. Judah is such a cutie. So glad to hear the good news of his progress. Thank you for the continued updates and photos. Love to all.

  4. Good to see Judah having so much fun, especially at The Children’s Museum…but girlfriends?!? I thought we were all the girlfriends he needed!!
    Seriously, it’s wonderful to see him get to be “just a little boy”!
    Love to all,

  5. Just look at that smile….and I could get eat those cheeks up and fill them with kisses!!


  6. We just joined the Children’s Museum to be members and part of the Makeshop project/research. Hope to see you there! Glad he is doing so well! Love all of the beautiful pictures.

  7. everything sounds and looks good. Judah is such a cutie! We look forward to these great updates and pics! Thanks to mommy and daddy for posting them, and thanks to all the people that comment,for keeping this page uplifting and positive!! Judah rocks!!

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