Monday 4/21 – Finally Spring! And a big day approaches

It seems like Spring has finally found us in Pittsburgh, though Winter is still putting up an occasional fight. The last few weeks have brought us some nicer weather and the winding down of flu season, allowing Judah to get outside of the house a lot more and have lots of fun. It also brought some big appointments with his airway doctors and cardiologists, and information on what is to come – a Spring and Summer of surgery and recovery, with lots of healing, and most importantly, progress.

Judah has been blooming lately with his awareness, creativity, and development. He has really been telling us what he wants to do, and shows us he is taking it in and learning. Judah is drawn to music, he loves listening to it, dancing, and playing every instrument he can. Whether it’s his piano, drums, or guitar, Judah loves the sound of it all.

Warm weather has brought lots of outings and playtime outside. Judah has gotten to start going back to the library and museum, the park, playing outside on the deck, and even the zoo! He really loves driving in the big car, going places and seeing new people, and just being out in the world. Though there is still plenty of fun and playtime to be had at home.

In the last few weeks Judah has also gotten to see several of his doctors to discuss what to do about his trach, and plan out our next steps towards removal. The scope procedure performed earlier this month showed the doctors exactly what is going on in his airway, and gave them a chance to form a surgical plan for his LTR. And after what may be his best Cardiology check-up yet, Judah has been cleared for surgery on May 1st!

In just 10 days Judah will go in for his next major surgery, this time to repair his scarred trachea. Doctors will place a stent and grafts to open up the airway, which once healed, will allow Judah to breath from his mouth and nose. In time Judah should be able to pass air over his vocal chords, allowing him to make noise again, something we haven’t heard since he was just two months old. The surgery will require a hospitalization while he recovers, and we’ve been told to expect anywhere from a week to 10 days or more. Recovery at home will take several more weeks. During the next few months Judah will be watched closely as he recovers, with frequent scopes to monitor his progress and healing. When the doctors feel comfortable, anywhere from 3-6 months down the road, we can begin working on capping/covering Judah’s trach so he relies completely on his mouth and nose. This will be one of the last steps before the trach can finally be removed.

The next few months will be filled with procedures, hospital stays and visits, but also with healing, growth, and health. Please continue to keep Judah and all of J-N-J in your hearts and prayers, it gives us strength and we truly appreciate it. As the surgery and recovery begins, we will keep updating all of you – Judah’s amazing friends and family.

Our love


10 thoughts on “Monday 4/21 – Finally Spring! And a big day approaches

  1. That is *wonderful* news that Judah is healthy enough for this needed surgery. We’ll be keeping you *all* in prayer that all goes VERY very well, and that all the doctors and nursing staff are filled with wisdom and discernment and kind hearts and hands during both the surgery and during Judah’s recovery time in the hospital. LOVED all the wonderful photos!! Such a ‘grown-up’ little fellow now!! 😉

    Can’t wait till he can come to ‘Tot Shabbat’ for the first time ;-). Hopefully in the early fall!

    Lots of love, and hugs and prayers for all of you!

  2. Glad to hear Judah is doing so well. Sounds like a like a busy schedule for the next several months,but it will all be worth it. You will be in our prayers,as always. Judah Power!!

  3. Love the sun glasses. Looking through the pictures you can tell hr takes everything in. I always wonder what their little minds are thinking. Thank you for keeping us all informed on Judah’s health progress and his growing. Love technology to keep us close. Will keep all of you in my prayers. Love Aunt Sue

  4. Thank you for your interesting letter and for all the pictures. Judah is such an inspiration! His smile melts my heart! Best wishes to the three of you as you face the next challenge. I will keep you in my prayers.

  5. Little Judah bear is such a trooper! He is an amazingly cute too. Continue pray for you guys, he’ll do amazing! We love you!
    The Morozov’s

  6. Thank you for the update. You will be in ours thoughts and prayers in the coming months. Judah is amazing. All of this will be a blurry memory for you some day – and Judah won’t remember any of it. He is so blessed to have you, and you are, as you well know, so blessed to have him. Stay strong.


  7. Nate and Jess-

    It looks like we may just miss each other. My pre-op appointment is the 28th. I’ll keep you posted. I’d love to come down for support during recovery. Let me know if you need ANYTHING.

    All my love, prayers and support are with you.


  8. Keeping you all in my safe and healing thoughts every day. Be in touch with updates and if there is anything we can do, This is great news — and great progress. Xoxo

  9. With the surgery and recovery period ahead of Judah and all of J-N-J you are getting closer to see Judah even in better condition and becoming even stronger and happier, and when the time comes to hear him talking, that will bring additional joy to Judah, parents and the entire family and friend.
    Looking forward to hear only good news.
    Love , Menella and Misha

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