3/17/16 – Irish you were here!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Judah is celebrating in true Irish form – deep in withdrawal. Aside from the timed out bouts of discomfort, Judah is plowing headfirst into feeling better, as our Judah always does. He has no time for anything that stands in his way of playtime. He has even been pointing out the window at the sunny sky, telling me he wants to go outside.

We have de-escalated quickly, coming off all vent support, all medication drips and have gone back to our home feeding regimen. He is still quite weak, but he does his best to play and move and cuddle!

Tomorrow the surgeons will have another look at his airway, and then hopefully we will move to the regular hospital floor and out of ICU.

Things are certainly not perfect, and Judah is getting more than his share of discomfort, but we are doing our best to keep him comfortable and moving towards home. I hope we have even better stories and photos in the days to come.

Thanks and love for all your prayers and kind thoughts. We carry them with us always!

Mama Bear




7 thoughts on “3/17/16 – Irish you were here!

  1. Thank you so much for posting pics. It is wonderful to see Judah recovering so well!

  2. Aw, thanks so very much for these wonderful photos!!! Hoping and praying for all of you!!! Everyone has been praying for you all at Rodef Shalom– and I’ll share your continuing hopeful updates with everyone there!

    With love and *hugs*,

  3. Thank you for the pictures………..Words cannot express how great God is !!
    Continued love and prayers for all of you.

  4. It is wonderful to see him sitting up, laughing, and playing! I hope that you get a little time for laughter, playing, and rest, too! Thoughts and prayers with you always. Home repairs resume tomorrow! Much love!!

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