1/29/16 – Winter blues and a big surgery scheduled!

Winter has slowed us down a bit in the J-N-J household, most of us have been sick for pretty much the entire month of January, so we’ve just been taking it easy, resting at home as much as possible, practicing our vocalizations, and getting the sickness all out of the way for Spring. We finally received more information and a date for Judah’s LTP laryngotracheal reconstructive surgery in Cincinnati, and it is approaching quickly!

December brought us a wonderfully festive holiday season, with trips up to visit Gramma and Grampa Jones, and a quick overnight trip out to Columbus to visit Judah’s cousins for Christmas. Judah loved seeing his cousins and family, and we are certainly glad to be more comfortable traveling and spending overnights away from home – even though it comes with plenty of packing, preparation, and stresses of its own.

January finally brought the cold and snow to Pittsburgh, and with it come the germs and sickness to daycare, where Judah promptly brought them home for the rest of us. So in addition to our usual therapies every week, and an occasional trip to the museum or a mall to play, this month has been a lot of resting and healing, and preparing for The Road To Cincinnati.  We’ve received our scheduled surgery date, and it is March 4th, a date with plenty of history for J-N-J. Not only is this mommy’s birthday, but it is also the date Judah had his 2nd Open Heart Surgery back in 2013. The greatest gift we could receive this year would be to finally get the trach tube out for good.

Judah remains strong and silly, growing every day, and just incredibly smart. Aside from the winter colds and flus, his heart remains strong, and after a few more tests and check-ins to his cardiology team, he has even been able to come off another one of his anti-arrythmic medications! After the surgery in March we hope to be able to drop even more meds he is currently on for reflux. When Judah first came home he was on as many as 12 different medications at once, and now he is down to just 5! We continue to adjust his special blended diet, recently adding honey and more fruits to help him continue to grow big and strong, and every day he seems to just get cuter.


Stay tuned for details about the upcoming Road to Cincinnati, and our journey through surgery and recovery. Right now it looks like we will spend at least 3 weeks in Ohio, depending on how everything goes. Updates will be a bit more frequent once we get out there and are able to let everyone know what to expect and how surgery goes. For now, our love and thanks to you for all of your good thoughts, prayer, love, and support.


11 thoughts on “1/29/16 – Winter blues and a big surgery scheduled!

    • Everything will be just great! I wish all of you to be strong as you always have been for Judah! He is just adorable!
      Anya 👍😘

      • We wish Judah the best of luck and a very speedy full recovery! Your family deserves only the very best!

  1. Dear J-N-J thank you very much for update. We wish to Judah and you all possible luck before, during and after surgery as always. It’s next big step to healing. Our wonderful Judah is so smart and cute he deserved better healthier life. Love you all. Klava, Isaac, Art.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Still can’t get over that haircut… Really good looking boy there. Love you guys 🙂

  3. Love the videos – he’s a great little dancer! We’ll be thinking of you on March 4th. Hope its your happiest birthday yet. Much love.

  4. I love to see Judah playing on his own, touching things, and trying new adventures! His world is expanding…all the way to Cincinnati! We’ll see you on our way home from another significant March 4 family event!

  5. What a big boy he’s getting to be. Our hearts will be with you in Cincinnati.
    Love, Alan & Fran

  6. Wishes you a great success in the upcoming surgery. We love you J-N-J and would love to see you coming to LA in 2016. We’ll be thrilled and honored.

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